International Express


International door-to-door express delivery services to 200+ countries and territories.

Morning Global offers you a wide range of international e-commerce and parcel service options and prices.

But more than that, we use our expertise and innovations to improve your shoppers’ delivery experience and reduce time and cost of managing your cross-border deliveries.


Empower your business growth with our e-commerce and parcel solutions

E-Hub and Fulfilment Service


Let Morning Global increase your visibility, lower costs and drive sales. Shipping and fulfilment make up a significant portion of your cost. Whether you are a startup online retailer or established international wholesaler, we can help with our order fulfilment services. Morning Global can store your goods, pick up your orders, and ship them to your customers quickly and efficiently, all while saving costs.

Inventory in & out flow and management

Morning Global offers exceptional warehousing services for efficient inventory management. Orders are placed via email for seamless communication. We follow the First-in-First-out (FIFO) model for effective inventory control, minimizing product expiration and waste. Timely movement of goods optimizes efficiency.

Real-time stock balance enquiry

Morning Global values real-time stock information. Our warehousing services offer up-to-date inventory levels for informed supply chain decisions. Additionally, we provide customizable reports for detailed insights, performance assessment, trend identification, and operational optimization.

Inventory alert and monitoring

Morning Global prioritizes preventing stockouts using our advanced inventory alert and monitoring system. It proactively tracks inventory levels and triggers alerts when stock reaches predefined thresholds. These alerts prompt Morning Global to take immediate action, such as initiating replenishment processes or notifying you about potential shortages. By leveraging our inventory alert and monitoring system, we anticipate and mitigate supply chain disruptions, ensuring uninterrupted operations and minimizing downtime for your business.

Pick and pack

Morning Global excels in efficient pick and pack services for timely order fulfillment. Our dedicated team initiates the process promptly, ensuring swift and accurate preparation of goods. With meticulous product selection and careful packing, we guarantee prompt and accurate order fulfillment. Trust Morning Global for exceptional warehousing services, including inventory management, real-time stock balance enquiry, inventory alert and monitoring, and efficient pick and pack processes. We aim to optimize your supply chain, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive your business forward seamlessly and efficiently.

Optimize shipping and fulfilment to drive sales

Integrated Logistics


Leveraging our proven track record in a wide spectrum of market sectors,
Morning Global offers unique industry solutions for different international industries.
With a solid presence and diverse infrastructure in Asia and across the globe, Morning Global provides extensive ground support to your business from origin to destination.
Our scope of services includes professional warehousing and distribution, first and last mile delivery, inventory management, reverse logistics and a diverse range of value-added services.


Pick up

Promptly collecting packages from your specified location to ensure a seamless logistics journey.


Advanced technology and quality control ensures accurate sorting, minimizing errors or delays.


Advanced logistics infrastructure ensures swift and efficient shipment movement between key locations.


Your package travels securely through our reliable transportation network.

Customs clearance

Our experts possess extensive knowledge of international trade regulations and customs requirements to handle any kind of customs formalities.

Last mile delivery

Our local partners ensure the swift and secure final delivery to your recipient’s doorstep.

Reverse logistics

Hassle-free return management is available for any necessary returns.

Seamlessly connecting your supply chain with integrated logistics

Global Freight Forwarding


We understand how important it is to get your goods to market on time, every time. Morning Global promises to be reliable, flexible and efficient in delivering your products across the globe, in compliance with all local regulations. Our teams around the world have the same goal – to provide outstanding service and competitive pricing. With 36+ years of experience in the freight management industry, we promise to meet those goals 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Connecting continents, delivering expertise – your global freight solutions

Reverse Logistics


With an expansive network, we ensure reliable and efficient reverse logistics solutions for businesses operating in various countries. Our services span across borders to meet your needs, wherever your customers are located. Discover the convenience and peace of mind that our seamless global reverse logistics services bring to your business.

Discover the convenience and peace of mind that our seamless global reverse logistics services bring to your business