Welcome to the Morning Express Group!

Since our establishment in 1987, the Morning Express Group has been a leading expert in e-commerce logistics. With our headquarters in Hong Kong, we have successfully expanded our business to cover more than 200 countries worldwide. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of e-tailers, brands and e-commerce platforms, offering a convenient one-stop-shop experience for our valued clients.

Hong Kong is one of the busiest transit and e-hubs globally, and our international unit – Morning Global serves as a platform for connecting businesses worldwide with Asia and China, and vice versa.

As the world gradually recovers and experiences the expected a boom in e-commerce, Morning Global remains committed to supporting international business growth. We have developed our own proprietary systems specifically designed for e-commerce enablers, ensuring seamless and efficient operations in this rapidly evolving industry.

Beyond our dedication to business excellence, Morning Global also recognises the importance of promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. We firmly believe in providing access to justice for all and building effective and accountable institutions at all levels. By fostering these values within our own organisation and ethos, we aim to contribute to a more harmonious global community.

We are also strong advocates for sustainable economic growth, employment opportunities and decent work for all. We understand that a thriving economy benefits everyone, and we are committed to fostering an environment where individuals and businesses can prosper together.

At Morning Global, we pride ourselves on our expertise, comprehensive solutions and unwavering commitment to our clients and the global community. We look forward to partnering with you and embarking on a successful journey together.

Thank you for choosing Morning Express Group as your trusted international logistics partner.

Ivan Li
Morning Express Group
Morning Express & Logistic Limited