1. Contract will be automatically renewed after the mentioned contract period unless we receive one month prio written notice from CUSTOMER.

2. MORNING EXPRESS/MORNING GLOBAL (“ME/MG”) reserves the right to refuse to deliver any particular orders requested by CUSTOMER including, but not limited to prohibited commodities, dangerous goods,hazardous materials , animals or any condi tions where ME/MG deemed the delivery unacceptable.

3. ONE complete order will be counted under circumstances where unsuccessful delivery order due to incorrect or incomplete address, no such person, no body answers, company moved or rejected by the recipient.

4. Invoice will be sent each months’ service. CUSTOMER is required to settle the payment within 14 days. If CUSTOMER failed to settle invoice within the specific period, a late charge of US$5.00 or 3% of the total amount will be applied per month (whichever is higher). If the payment fails to settle within the 60 days, ME/MG will reserve the right to terminate the service immediately and claim all late charges.

5. ME/MG will not be responsible for any loss or damages arising from unforeseeable circumstances including, but not limited to natural disaster, robbery, burglary, riot, traffic accidents, customs inspections or seizure, or any conditions beyond ME/MG ‘s control.

6. ME/MG will not be responsible for any loss caused by CUSTOMER or a third party, including, but not limited to incorrect delivery note, incorrect packaging list, invalid delivery address.

7. ME/MG’s liability is strictly limited to the content of the parcel. For any loss or damages to the parcel, given significant evidence of ME/MG’s negligence (or mishandling or mistakes made by ME/MG), indemnity will bepaid according to the declared value of the parcel content with not exceeding US$50 per parcel.

8. Any delivery order of liquid, fragile or easily deforming products, without protected packaging or carton box,ME/MG will not be responsible for any damage.

9. If the actual cost of delivery item is over the value of compensation, CUSTOMER is highly recommended to purchase their own insurance.

10. All claims must be notified to ME/MG within 30 Days from the date ME/MG accepted the Shipment andsubmitted related documents in writing within 90 Days, falling which ME/MG shall have no liability whatsoever.

11. ME/MG will make every reasonable effect to deliver the shipment according to Morning Express or Morning Global regular schedules; however, these schedules are not binding and do not form part of the contract. ME/MG is not liable for any loss or less caused by such delay including customs hold.

12. All parcels will be charged by gross weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher, unless otherwise stated.The volumetric weight of a parcel is calculated as the length in cms x width in cms x height in cms divided by 5000.

13. CUSTOMER is not allowed to employ any employee of ME/MG during the service period or within 3 months.

14. “Confidential Information” means data or information of either party that is confidential or proprietary in nature including but not limited to supplier lists, customer lists, pricing, personnel , subcontractors , sub-contracting policies , records, operational and other procedures, policies, customer information and other records.BOTH PARTYs receiving Confidential Information shall

1. Maintain it in confidence and shall not disclose or afford access any portion of such information to any person except those of its employees, agents or contractors having a need to know basis to accomplish the purposes of this Agreement.

2. Use it only to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement unless hereafter agreed in writing by the Party owing such Confidential Information.

15. CUSTOMER has hereby agreed to the full details service Terms and Conditions. ME/MG reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions by giving e-mail notice.